Almost every Christian that I know has struggled at times to know for certain that they are truly saved.  That is, many professing Christians wonder whether or not they are really children of God.  Our consciences well up in us (sometimes rightly and sometimes wrongly), sometimes to the point that they accuse us of being impostors.  Ultimately, this passage is meant to give assurance of salvation to the true children of God even when our hearts (consciences) falsely condemn us (particularly in contrast—you may recall—with the dissidents among John's churches who were counterfeit children).  To this end, in this passage, John offers two significant sources of hope and assurance: genuine love for other Christians and the assuring work of the Holy Spirit.  Please pray with me, then, that we'd all leave in full confidence of our guilt or salvation before God.  Where we find true guilt, may we find true repentance.  And where we find true faith, may we find true worship. 

God's Incredible Story | Deuteronomy 9:25-29

Sunday, 18 January 2015 08:30  | By

This Sunday Tony Cooper will be preaching from Deuteronomy, on God's Incredible Story. We'll be looking at Israel's story, our story in the drama of redemption and three dangers to avoid as we walk through God's story. Come ready to hear the Word! 


One of the primary goals of TLI is to train pastors to be better expository preachers.  After working our way through 2 Timothy throughout the week, then, the students had a chance to put their insruction into practice last night.  Each of them preached a 10 minute sermon on an assigned passage from 2 Timothy.


This morning, after our usual routine, we went to see the ministry of one of our hosts.  The ministry is called "New Life."  Their aim is to rescue girls from prostitution by sharing the gospel with them and then providing them with jobs so that they can provide for themselves.


This eveing I was able to teach bible study methods to students from Pakistan, Iran, Ghana, Nigeria, and Eritrea.  This is the first graduating class of TLI.  They have faithfully studied the Word of God with TLI for the past three years.  It will be an exciting privilidge to take part in their graduation on Friday evening.  I'm exceedingly thankful to God for their faith in Christ and eagerness to grow in Him through pouring themselves into His Word.