The Son of God Has Come | 1 John 5:20

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At the beginning and end of his letter, John saw fit to highlight the facts that the Son of God came to earth, according to the will of the Father, and that he came to bring understanding, certainty, intimacy, and life.  Let's pray that understanding, certainty, intimacy, and life would be ours as well in Jesus Christ. 

From God or of the Devil | 1 John 5:19

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In 5:19 we find the second of John's three closing "we know" clauses and a backdrop to the amazing grace of 5:18.  The backdrop of 5:19helps us to see that the amazing race of 5:18 is even more amazing still.  It's amazing to know that we are continually being protected from the evil one.  It's even more amazing to know that this is the case because we are from God, even while the whole world is of the evil one.  Let's pray that God would help us to see all the glory that is in this verse, receive all the protection he promises, and order our lives rightly in light of the fact that we aer God's and the world is the devil's. 

Protected by Jesus | 1 John 5:18

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Hopefully it's already clear to you that an enormous portion of 1 John was designed to help his readers "know" certain things about God, themselves, and the Christian life.  The things we can know for certain are fairly neatly divided into two categories.  The first (and in some ways, lesser) category contains things that we can know conditionally.  The second, and more helpful (because they're not at all subjective) category contains things we can know indicatively (they are simply true regardless of anything we do or don't do).  In our passage for this morning (5:18) we see that we can know, indicatively, that Christians do not continue to sin because Jesus protects us from the evil one.  Please pray that God would grant us clarity of thought, change in heart, and swiftness toward action.  


In the previous section (1 John 5:13-15), you may recall, John explains that he wrote this letter in order that Christians would know that they really were Christians.  He also explains that when Christians know that they are Christians, they pray with confidence that their prayers will be heard and answered.  In our passage for this morning, John gives Christians one particular thing to pray for in confidence: God's help for other Christians who have fallen into sin.  Please pray that God would grant me the wisdom to handle this difficult passage well and the result would be faithful application to our lives for His glory.   

There are a couple reasons why I didn’t want to do a sermon on Romans 9 and one singular reason I couldn’t avoid doing a sermon on Romans 9. The two reasons to not do it were, 1) Lengthy sermon series and entire books have been done on this chapter of the Bible which can prove daunting and, 2) the debates that are created as a result of this chapter often reveal the immaturity of Christians. All to often we want to be right more than we want Jesus himself. 

Yet Romans 9 has significantly changed the way I've seen who God and is and how he works. I can't not preach on this. We will see how God's sovereign choosing displays his glory, what two common objections that are raised in response to this, and what the implications are for believing in the God of Romans 9.