Purity Through Hope in Jesus | 1 John 3:1-3

Sunday, 19 October 2014 23:10  | By


This morning, we're going to look at the final clause of this passage (1 John 3:3).  In it we'll find nothing short of the scope, source, shape, and standard of his grace in the lives of his children.  Let's pray that God would grant us and sustain in us the kind of hope that John talks about here in order that we'd be pure like Christ.

We Shall Be Like Him! | 1 John 3:2

Friday, 03 October 2014 22:08  | By


The first reason, as we saw last week, that the believers in John's churches were not experiencing everything they should have experienced as God's children, is that the world does not recognize the authority and kingship of God and, therefore, it does not recognize the royalty of the children of God.  The second reason, which we'll look at this Sunday, and which we see in verse 2, is that we are not yet what we will be.  That is, we are not yet able to fully experience our sonship and daughtership. 

See What Kind of Love! | 1 John 3:1-2

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Back in 1 John, the simple message of our passage for this Sunday is that God has an awesome love for his people that brings about awesome change in his people.   I've seen some very significant acts of love, but when I hear the words, "See what kind of love the Father has given us," I perk up.  If finite people, still scared by sin, can love in exceptional ways, hold on to your seats as you consider the love of God!  And that's precisely what we're going to do this Sunday; we're going to consider the nature and magnitude and effectualness and effect of the Father's love on the Father's people.  Please pray with me that we would find all the comfort and rest and hope and joy in the love of God that we're meant to this Sunday.  

That You May Bring Salvation | Acts 13:47

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Most of us have a hard time working to satisfy anything other than our own needs and wants and desires; much less the needs and wants and desires of the people near us that we already care about; much less the needs and wants and desires of the people near us that we don't care about; much less the needs and wants and desires of those not near us who we don't already care about, but this is precisely what our passage for this morning calls us to do—to care about complete strangers enough go, at great expense of ourselves and the people we love, to the ends of the earth to meet their deepest needs and wants and desires.  And if we feel the need for God's help in anything it's likely this.  So let's pray that we'd leave church on Sunday, through the help of the Holy Spirit, committed to bringing salvation to the ends of the earth.  

I have been praying for you in the weeks leading up to this missions week. I have been praying that god would stir an unbridled passion to see unreached people's reached with the Gospel. I have been praying that, for some, missions would move beyond the theoretical into the practical. I have been praying that God would use this week to call one person, one couple, or one family to leave our church, and be sent out to bring the gospel to a people that do not have it. We will be looking at the first half of Acts 13:47 and seeing what motivation God gives us for spreading His Gospel globally.