The Testimony of God | 1 John 5:9-11

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The point of this passage is that if we are ever to accept the word of any man or woman, we must always accept the word of God because God is always more trustworthy than man's.  Therefore, if we are to listen to and believe the testimony of any person concerning Jesus Christ and eternal life, we must listen to and believe the testimony of God himself with far greater trust and confidence.  Let's pray that God would open our eyes to these things from this text and that He would be pleased to empower us, by His Spirit, to receive the testimony of God concerning His Son, believe it, and therein find full joy and confidence in everlasting life.   


This morning we’re going to take a break from 1 John in order to look at one of the most important fruits of the Christian life.  At a torrential pace we’re going to consider the mind, heart, and practice of evangelism. 

At some point before Sunday, I invite you to consider what comes to mind when you hear the word “evangelism”?  What do you think of when you think of evangelism?  Consider also what comes to your heart.  What do you feel when it comes to evangelism?  And consider your life.  What does evangelism look like in practice? 

Wherever you’ve come from in your evangelistic thinking, feeling, and practicing, my hope and prayer is that you’d leave Sunday's sermon knowing and loving and committed to living out the will of God for you concerning evangelism.  Let’s pray that this would be the case.



This Sunday (Mother's Day), for a few minutes before returning to 1 John, I want to draw your attention to several of the ways God has designed moms with unique honor.  Let us use these as the center and fuel of our celebrations today.  Let's spend time telling our moms how much we appreciate how they are conforming themselves to God's good design.  And let's recognize that we're able to see God in our moms through many of these things even if they were really bad moms—God has even put honor into godless moms.  Please pray with me that we'd be able to rightly honor the moms in our lives and that we'd be able to do so because we see clearly the uniqueness of Jesus Christ described in our text for this morning.  


Victory Through Faith | 1 John 5:4-5

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Isn't it strange how some things get to us?  Music comes to us through radio waves floating around in the air.  Fruit and vegetables come to us by planting little seeds in dirt and waiting a long time before plants and vines and trees pop out of the ground and then waiting another long time before produce starts popping out of them.  Electricity comes to us through little metal wires in our walls and on poles and underground all over the world.

Milk comes to us through cow nipples.  Infinitely more strange than all of these is the fact that victory over sin and death and enmity with God comes to us through faith.  God has chosen to use faith as the means by which he imparts salvation to us.  This is exactly what John says in 5:4 and, therefore, this is what we're going to look at together this Sunday: victory through faith.  Let's pray that God would grant us this victorious faith and that we'd live every moment of every day in it.  


Overcoming the World | 1 John 5:4-5

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Three times in two verses John speaks of overcoming the world, but what does that mean?  What does it look like?  And where does it come from?  Let's pray that God would make all of this clear and real in each of our lives.