As I preach for a second week on discipleship from Matthew 28, let's pray that God would see fit to put discipleship (along with all of his charges) into all our bones and to alter all our wiring to love this charge (all of His charges).  And let's pray that God would see fit to overwhelm us all with this charge—overwhelm us in the sense of humbling us and helping us to see our total dependence on God, but also in the sense of creating in us joy and awe and wonder and thankfulness and anticipation and confidence for the sake of the glory of the Son, Jesus Christ.

The elders of Grace share two strong biblical convictions that were birthed in me back in 1995 as a new Christian: 1) being a Christian means being a disciple of Jesus Christ and 2) at the heart of being a disciple of Jesus Christ is the call to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  This summer we intend to share with you a discipleship plan that we pray will be spiritually significant for Grace for years to come.  It is decidedly simple, practical, and transferable in nature.  What I intend to do over the next two weeks is to show you the biblical foundation that it is built upon.  This week we're going to look at the call to discipleship from Matthew 28.  Next week we're going to look at the practice of discipleship from Matthew 28.  Please pray with me that God would make the meaning of the Great Commission plain to us and that we'd joyfully live it out.

Keep Yourselves from Idols | 1 John 5:21

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John’s thoughts and concerns and doctrine have become a familiar and comforting place for me to go for hours every week for over a year.  It’s going to be difficult to close this chapter.  And yet, 1 John isn’t meant to be a sentimental spiritual quilt, it’s meant to be a call to action and to arms.  That is what makes his final words especially appropriate and helpful and challenging.  Let’s pray that God would be pleased to work in us again through this letter.  In particular, let’s pray that He would grant peace found uniquely in the knowledge that we are His children, the warrior mentality needed to work out our own salvation, and the love for Him that makes everything else grow strangely dim. 

The Son of God Has Come | 1 John 5:20

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At the beginning and end of his letter, John saw fit to highlight the facts that the Son of God came to earth, according to the will of the Father, and that he came to bring understanding, certainty, intimacy, and life.  Let's pray that understanding, certainty, intimacy, and life would be ours as well in Jesus Christ. 

From God or of the Devil | 1 John 5:19

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In 5:19 we find the second of John's three closing "we know" clauses and a backdrop to the amazing grace of 5:18.  The backdrop of 5:19helps us to see that the amazing race of 5:18 is even more amazing still.  It's amazing to know that we are continually being protected from the evil one.  It's even more amazing to know that this is the case because we are from God, even while the whole world is of the evil one.  Let's pray that God would help us to see all the glory that is in this verse, receive all the protection he promises, and order our lives rightly in light of the fact that we aer God's and the world is the devil's.